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    7 Tips om regelmatig te bloggen

    Als ik iets weet na 8 jaar bloggen, is het wel hoe lastig regelmatig bloggen kan zijn. Geregeld nieuwe artikelen schrijven valt soms flink tegen, of je nu dagelijks, wekelijks of zelfs maandelijks nieuwe content wil publiceren. Gebrek aan tijd of nieuwe ideeën zijn daarbij vaak de boosdoener.

  • Persoonlijk

    Time flies

    “Ten minutes. It’s only ten minutes”, that’s what she thought. But even ten minutes is a long time to stay focused. To stay in the moment and not be distracted by everything else. I should set an alarm. Or stopwatch. No, a countdown timer would be better. The first minute has already passed. I’m wasting time. Or am I? Why always the rush? That need to be quicker, faster than anything else. Anyone else. I feel rushed, even when no one is rushing me. Ten minutes to write about what. Anything I guess. While I look outside I see autumn passing by. Summer is drifting away, just like my thoughts. My focus, it flies out of the window, together with…